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Dating on Loveprix

   Recently, girls and boys are increasingly using dating sites to find their soul mate. When we encounter a website on the Internet, where hundreds of thousands and even millions of boys and girls, men and women are registered, thought comes to mind that in today's world people are less and less interested in dating in real life. Perhaps in some ways we are right. However, is it really that bad to meet online? After all, online dating has significant advantages for guys and girls who want to meet someone. So, for example, if you liked a girl or a boy somewhere on the street or in the subway, for most people it will be quite difficult to come up and start a conversation, including because you cannot reliably know if this person wants, in principle, to meet someone. On the Internet, you use mostly written communication, which is a psychologically easier way to communicate. This is the first advantage that online dating gives. It is easier for you to start a conversation than in real life, which means there is a greater chance that you will find exactly who you need. Another advantage that online dating has is that you can be sure that all men and women registered on this site also are looking for their soul mate. Thus, another barrier disappears. As a result, probably this dating site can help people find true love!

Compatibility test

   One of the arguments against dating sites is the lack of direct contact between people. As a result, we cannot get an objective idea of ​​what a person is like in real life. At the same time, most of these dating sites, and the site Loveprix is ​​no exception, allow people to meet with the help of compatibility tests. You can answer a series of questions that allow you to compare your psychological portrait, interests and life priorities with other users' data and choose the most suitable people. In addition, when you visit a page of another participant, you immediately see the result of your compatibility test as a percentage. Therefore, although there is no direct contact between users, even before the meeting, you can get at least some idea of ​​how this or that girl or boy suits you, which is impossible when meeting on the street, where you can judge a person at best by his appearance or gestures. The Loveprix dating site contains a compatibility test designed in such a way that you can find exactly the person with whom you can start a family and with whom it would be easy to live. After you take the test, we will show users of the opposite sex who are most suitable to you for various psychological and other parameters.

Test for general education level

   Sometimes dating sites are criticized for the fact that the majority of its users are poorly educated, uncultured people, and sometimes fraudsters, with whom it is dangerous to communicate. Of course, there are a number of unreliable people on such sites. However, their percentage on dating sites is usually equal to the percentage in society. At the same time, in order to somehow single out people with a higher intellectual and educational level from the total number of users, Loveprix offers its visitors to take a test for general education level consisting of 20 questions. After taking this test, the percentage of correct answers will be displayed on your page. You can either make this information available to all other users who visit this dating site, or hide it.

Can a dating site help you find true love?

   Probably, this question has no definite answer. After all, if everything was so simple, everyone would have been happy for a long time. For some, a dating site is just one of many entertainments that help to have fun, for others it is a step towards the beginning of long-term relationships and the creation of a family. Someone, having spent many months on such a site, does not find a soul mate, others find what they are looking for, rather quickly. Anyway, a lot depends on the case, but using a dating site, you don’t lose anything, so it’s probably worth a try.

Free dating sites
   Unlike a number of sites that somehow charge their users for using basic functions, such as searching for people or exchanging messages, the Loveprix dating site has always been and remains free. You can always use psychological tests for compatibility, people search, chat and private photo sharing for free.
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