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    Can other users see my answers to specific compatibility test questions?
    No. You are the only person who can see your answers to the test.

    I took the test and didn't find anyone compatible. Should I stay registered on your website?
    Yes. The number of users may still be small, so there are no compatible people yet. You can adjust your settings on the Account Settings page to be notified when new compatible people register. If you do, you will receive an e-mail notification when a compatible person registers.

    When I try to access my account, I get a message that my account has been blocked. What is going on?
    Most likely, your account has been blocked due to a violation of the Rules of Use of the System. Specifically, this could be due to the fact that your account has generated advertising messages or other messages with content that may be offensive to other users.
    We take very seriously the sending of offensive messages, advertising messages, and messages sent to the users of our site for fraudulent purposes. In the event that we receive complaints, the user that has not acted in good faith may be blocked, including being blocked automatically. To avoid this, we recommend you to behave as properly as possible when interacting with other users and adhere to the Rules of Use of the System.

    What should I do if my account has been blocked?
    If your account has been blocked, please get in touch with us and we will consider the option of restoring it. However, we cannot provide any guarantees regarding the time frame or the outcome of your request.

    How can I delete my account?
    Go to the menu Account Settings and click on the link "Delete Account" at the bottom of the page.

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